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There are five main areas you need to master in order
to found your next great relationship:


The most important part of the dating process is the commitment you make to it.

Casually checking in and out is not going to get you on the path towards a long-term relationship. Giving you the proper tools to help you succeed will help you reach your ultimate dating goals.


Somewhere in your dating life, you established a definition for what a “quality” and “good” partner means. You’ve based all of your relationship choices on its meaning whether those definitions were accurate or not.

To help you in this next phase in your love life, we will explore your limiting beliefs that are harming your dating prospects, and create new, healthy definitions to broaden your chances of meeting someone great.


One of the greatest and often overlooked areas of your partner search lies in the habits we form as daters. Bad habits can manifest as poor communication, limiting beliefs, trust issues or poor partner choices; each contributing to the cycle of bad dates and relationships with people we’re not too thrilled about.

You will receive a step-by-step process for how to conquer and kill bad habits that are limiting your dating prospects.


One of my favorite quotes about preparation says,

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”

Most daters look at dating as a project to complete. They mentally check a box marking an item as DONE, but rarely prepare for dating in advance.

Success at dating requires preparation. Whether you’re online dating, meeting people casually or winging it on mobile apps, preparation is the difference between having great dates with people you’re excited about and those you’d rather not.

You will learn how to create a successful dating profile, where to meet like-minded singles and how to attract quality people online and in-person.


Dating for most singles involves the same cycle of steps:

Meet someone > Go on a date > Date Sucks, They Suck > Stop dating

This method of dating often leads to dating fatigue. That is, the process becomes tiresome to the point that one retreats from dating altogether.

You don’t have to waste time on bad dates in order to find quality. I will show you why your current methods for meeting people are not working, how to pick partners who align with your needs/wants, and how to date with purpose by only investing time with people you’re excited about.

This weekly date strategy program

provides a 5-step method that is essential to forming long-term relationships

Here’s what you will receive in Hero Group Coaching:


Dating can take you to a place of utter loneliness and despair, especially when your efforts lead you no where. I will be there to help you with strategies, tools and emotional support through weekly live coaching sessions, and together we will tackle some of your greatest dating obstacles.


You will gain access to every webinar, e-book, how-to and retired program I have ever created. This access is exclusive to members of my Hero program and will never be found anywhere else. Ever. You will also receive access to every panel discussion at LOVECON with some of the greatest dating brands, experts and influencers in the country.


If you’ve been wondering why your friends are #winning at love, while you are struggling, you will learn why your efforts are not working. We will explore your dating history, how you make partner choices and any limiting beliefs that are harming your prospects.


Plenty of people set goals with the intention of achieving them, but the real key to actualizing those goals is accountability. You will have the support of a growing community of singles who offer insight, guidance, relate-ability and will be your cheering squad when you need it.

I want to show you how you can be a HERO in your dating story. You have the power to change your dating life. Let’s get started!

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